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3 Steps To Achieving New Goals | Success Principle Article |

3 Steps To Achieving New Goals

“Life rewards action – not intention, not insight, not wisdom, not understanding.”  - Dr. Phil McGraw

How many of you whine and moan about what’s not working in your businesses/life, but don’t take the necessary action to change your present circumstances? Given the responses I get from participants in my workshops, there are quite a few.

Let me give you an example. How many times do you hear yourself saying:

  • I wish I made more money.
  • I wish I had more clients.
  • I wish I had more time.
  • I wish I didn’t have to work so hard.

Sound familiar? 

I know you’ve heard me say this before, but it bears repeating. It’s time to Wake up, Alice/Alex. This ain’t Wonderland! Wishing and hoping for things to change in your business/life is not going to cut it. The Good Change Fairy is not going to come and sprinkle pixie dust on you and miraculously make everything in your life all better.

You can attend all the success workshops in the world, (including mine), read all the success and motivational books you can get your hands on, but until you take action nothing will change.  I’m not talking about just any action, but focused, inspired action.

You can’t expect to achieve new goals by doing the same things you’ve been doing. It doesn’t work like that. You have to set the stage and create the environment for change to take place. If you want to move beyond your present circumstances, it is going to take three things:
support, accountability, and focused inspired action. 

  1. SUPPORT --  Why is support so important? If you could have done it on your own, you would have made the necessary changes already. Whether you choose a mentor or a coach, support is critical to your success. For example, I am pretty driven, but I know for a fact that had I not had the support of my coaches, I would not have made the strides I’ve made in my business or my life. Having the right kind of support challenges you to think bigger about yourself. Challenges make you take bigger, bolder action, and ultimately catapult you to your next level of success. This is what I mean by creating the environment for success to take place.

  2. ACCOUNTABILITY --  Why is accountability so important? Again, if you could have done it on your own, you would have done it already. For example, I have a goal of creating a new product by March 15th. That product will be completed this week. I also have a commitment to complete my book by the end of April. Could I have done it on my own? Sure I could, but if I didn’t have my coach and my copy editor making me accountable every week and holding me to my intentions, I would procrastinate and make excuses. Accountability keeps you from sabotaging yourself. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

  3. FOCUSED, INSPIRED ACTION --   Why focused, inspired action? There is a difference between being busy and taking inspired action. In order to take inspired action, you must first have a clear vision of what your goal is. If you don’t know where you are going then you can’t get there, and you certainly can’t take your team there either. Most people are really busy day in and day out, but are you busy doing the things that matter most or are you just putting out fires all day long? I have a question taped on my wall above my computer that says, “Is what I’m working on right now getting me closer to my goal? If not, stop doing it immediately.”

The bottom line here is this: I know you know all these steps, but the big question is are you taking action? This old adage holds true here. - if you don’t like your present circumstances, then change what you’re doing.

If you want to achieve new goals, want to learn the right strategies and the right tactics to get you where you need to go, email me for a Get Acquainted Session today at

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