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Midlife Mastery Interview (from the Midlife Tele-Summit) - click here to listen!

BlogTalk Radio Interview with Coach Rachelle Disbennett Lee, PhD - click here to listen!


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Set Your Boundaries in Stone - click here to listen!


Cookie's Quotables:

Here’s a sampling of my favorite all-time ‘Cookieism’s” for you to ponder and enjoy!

“Wake up Alice , this ain't wonderland. Wishing and hoping for things to change in your life isn’t going to cut it.  Things in your life don't change until you TAKE ACTION to change them. The quality of your life depends on it.” – Cookie Tuminello

“Have you ever noticed that every time something happened in your life, you were there?” - Cookie Tuminello

“Being committed to change will take you a lot farther than a half hearted New Year’s Resolution.” - Cookie Tuminello

“Life happens one moment at a time and if we are not careful we will miss them.” – Cookie Tuminello

“When you begin to count your blessings you begin to see more of life.” - Cookie Tuminello

“I believe that life is a journey of endless possibilities waiting to be explored.” – Cookie Tuminello

“I believe that people have within themselves the tools and skills they need to be successful. My expertise helps them find within themselves the ability to grow and achieve beyond their wildest dreams.” - Cookie Tuminello

“I believe that life is like a gift that we get to open everyday, some of the presents we like and some we don’t.” - Cookie Tuminello

“I believe my work in life now is to minimize my missed opportunities.” - Cookie Tuminello

“There is a saying “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space” I believe the edge is where all the good stuff is!” - Cookie Tuminello

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