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Here are but a few of the wonderful comments my clients have said about my Team Up With Cookie Programs:

"I was struggling to get my arms around my "to do" list. It was ever growing and the least important things took up too much of my time. To say I was frustrated and fed up is an under-statement, and I was looking for help to get me out of the rut this caused. Cookie forced me to look at my entire work/home life philosophy and put on paper what the most important things were to me: my faith, my family, and my career. Once I knew my priorities I was able to make all my decisions based on these factors. She helped me develop a new strategy for handling the day to day time consumers, and together we created a clear path for getting to where I wanted to go. During my work with Cookie I've recently secured a more rewarding position and I haven't looked back."

- Nancy B. Trahan, CTP, VP, Whitney National Bank

"My wife Yolanda and I started a small business a few years ago and we "knew" that we didn't know what we needed to know to be successful. Then we met Cookie and realized that as a business coach she could help us identify what we needed to know and map out a plan to get there. Among the most valuable 'take away' moments that I had with Cookie in our sessions was the concept of working 'on' your business, not 'in' your business. I was also able to review daily my personal list of 'core values' and integrate them into my personal and professional life in order to create the long term sustainable results we wanted for our business. I highly recommend that you retain Cookie if you are 'stuck' and need a fresh outlook and new direction for your business."

– Brian and Yolanda Holmes,

“I knew the first time I met Cookie that I wanted to work with her. My business was relatively new and growing very fast. I had just moved into a larger building. I was tired, frustrated and having a tough time getting organized. I also didn’t have much balance in my life because I was either working on or in my business 24/7. Even though I had a staff I was still doing a lot of tasks myself. Even though I had a sales goal in place for the year, I did not have a clear plan in place for achieving this goal. Cookie helped me to put in clear systems for running the day to day operations. She also taught me how to set clearer goals so that I didn’t sabotage myself. She taught me how to reclaim my power, set boundaries and clear expectations for myself and my staff. The clearer I got about my goals and intentions the more productive and effective my team became, which also increased my company’s bottom line. Cookie also taught me how to make decisions for myself and business based on my core values so that I wouldn’t second guess myself so much. Cookie’s warmth, humor, compassion, and no excuse approach helped me reclaim my power, unleash my potential, think bigger and bolder about myself and create more success and more time to enjoy it. As a result of working with Cookie, I now have the tools and the mindset to guide me, keep me focused and moving forward.”

– Phyllis Granger,

"Our company experienced an unprecedented growth in an 18 month period. I needed someone to help me and my administrative team successfully manage that growth. Cookie helped me work smarter, not harder. She kept me focused and moving forward. She helped me keep my eye on the big picture while my management team took care of the day to day activities. My management team learned how to coordinate action more effectively, designed new processes to handle the growth, developed a heightened sense of confidence, improved communication and leadership skills, and reduced stress."

- Kathleen Abshire,
COO, Island Operating Co. Inc.,

"I am a Senior Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch in Baton Rouge, LA for the past 31 years. Not long ago I had the opportunity of being coached by my very close friend, Cookie Tuminello. One day we were talking on the phone and she mentioned that I sounded stressed and just not myself. Boy was she opening a box! I have a doctor, lawyer, CPA, minister, etc. but Cookie was the only one with the skill sets and training to get me to open up.

The stress in my business was overloading my emotions and confusing my rational side. She helped me refocus on my priorities, client service, and set up both short and long term strategies to get me get back on track. Most of all she taught me how to relax and reduce my stress. We have been friends for more than 25 years, but I saw a completely different side of her when we started working together. I underscore her professionalism and understanding and now call her my very close friend and "mentor".

- David E. Shirley,
Senior Financial Advisor - Merrill Lynch

As Vice President of Administration and Human Resources for The Baton Rouge Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, we retained Cookie to facilitate a strategic planning session for our management team. The intention was for Cookie to keep us on track and true to our mission and goals. We got so much more.

With Cookie’s skills and expertise, she not only showed us what to do but how to do it to get the best results. Our team moved methodically through the process of defining our Big visions, aligning our actions with our core values and mission, enroll our staff members, work more cohesively as a team and coordinate action more effectively within our organization. As a result of working with Cookie, our team designed long term strategies which were more intentional, more sustainable, and more successful. Thanks, Cookie!

- Lauralyn Maranto,
Vice President of Administration & Human Resources,
Baton Rouge Area Convention and Visitors Bureau,

Before I began working with Cookie I received her weekly newsletter with success tips for years. I took all the great information and used it to help my clients – not me. Then I met Cookie and we began working together. For the first time I looked at my needs and what I could do to grow my business and my own personal development. She gave me that kick in the pants that has gotten me off my duff and REALLY working towards growing my business in ways I never dreamed of.

We have only been working together for a short while but already I am seeing the benefits of her wisdom. She can see things from the outside that I would never see. She gives me insight into how I can take control of situations – professionally and personally. She understands my situation and can zoom in on where I need to focus. I highly recommend Cookie as a professional business coach and strategist.

– Debbey Ryan,
Owner/CEO, Prescriptive Marketing,

“In 2009 I signed up for Cookie’s Mentoring Program hoping to find clarity in my role as a co-partner with my husband and his sister in business. When I signed up for the course with Cookie, I was emotionally, financially and mentally spent not to mention physically exhausted trying to do hard labor in my sixties as if I was still in my thirties and forties. I lacked direction, focus, discipline and above all a clear plan as to where I wanted to go.

Our first session proved to set a blueprint that I knew I would apply in every aspect of my business and personal life (including my marriage). I began to learn how to harness and effectively identify and direct my talents instead of always succumbing to the "tyranny of the urgent." Cookie taught us to stay on track by defining our goals on a daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term basis. She also taught us how to develop a clear, healthy lifestyle by making time for ourselves and addressing our own personal needs, before trying to help others help themselves. I’ve learned the importance of knowing where you've been, where you are at present, and where you want to be is a good foundation to build on achieving personal success and to live life in abundance.

Thank you Cookie for being the right teacher at the right time.”

– Yolanda L. Holmes,

"Working with Cookie has given me more confidence and clarity about what I want in my life, my business and what to do to get there. She helped me focus on the right strategies and right conversations I needed to have in order to get the results I wanted. As a result of working with Cookie, I spend less time second guessing myself, more time getting what I want, and the best of all, knowing once I've got it - it's what I truly want. Cookie has totally helped me reset my compass for success."

- Julie A. Fleming,
J.D., A.C.C., Author, Life at the Bar LLC,

"When I came to Cookie, my Weight Loss Hypnosis business was doing great on a regional level, but I was working myself to death. I was overwhelmed and frustrated. I was 67 years old and working way too much. My husband is retired and we love to spend time at our camp in Pointe Fouchon, LA, but I always found myself hurrying back home to see clients.

After 17 successful years in the weight loss hypnosis business, Cookie opened my eyes to a whole new way of positioning myself and marketing myself, my services and my products that I would never have seen without her expert coaching. Her coaching sessions were packed with the most critical, business-transforming techniques I have ever seen.

With Cookie's expert strategies and support, I was able to implement systems that dramatically increased my productivity, reduced my work hours by 45%, and increased my closing rate to 99%. But most importantly, Cookie showed me how to create passive income with information marketing products. Thanks to Cookie, I created my first home study system, "Weight Off NOW Self-Hypnosis Home Study System(TM)". I now make more money, spend more time with my husband, and work much less. Yes, life is good. Thanks, Cookie!”

- Linda Allred,
Certified Hypnotist/Wellness Consultant,

“I was a new manager when I met Cookie which was a very intimidating time in my life. I had no confidence or courage, I had lost the trust in my intuition. Cookie taught me how to go from task oriented to the visionary I needed to be for my team. The tools that I learned from Cookie helped me to plan, orchestrate, and implement new strategies that immediately increased productivity and effectiveness of my entire team.

As a result of working with Cookie, I am now a much better leader, negotiator, communicator, and my department runs like a well oiled machine. And as an added perk, the tools that Cookie taught me empower me in my personal life as well. I can't thank you enough Cookie!”

- Tammy Broussard,
Benefits Dept. Manager, Island Operating Co. Inc.

When I started working with Cookie, my biggest challenge was transitioning from an Assistant Manager to Manager. She taught me how to follow through with my plans, my ideas, and my conversations. Cookie helped me be a stronger, more effective manager, as well as a person. Thank you for guiding me through the transition of my journey as a manager. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Cookie!"

- Chrissy Daigle,
Island Operating Co. Inc.

"Working with Cookie gave me the extra confidence I needed to achieve my dreams. I went from having a hectic job I hated, to creating my own solo law practice, on my terms. There were ups and downs along the way, of course, and Cookie was always there to be my compass and keep me on track. Now, I work from my virtual law office, and I have time to pursue my creative interests without sacrificing my income. In fact, I make more now than I did when we started working together. And I have learned the skills I need to keep myself on track and self-correct whenever I sense that outside influences are interfering with my goals and dreams."

- Myrna E. Arroyo,
Attorney, Entrepreneur,

"Cookie was a God send in my personal and professional journey. Her coaching gave me the inspiration, clarity and accountability I needed to make my dreams become a reality. Cookie helped me pinpoint exactly how I wanted to utilize my time and energy. Now I feel in control and excited about my work week instead of fearing or dreading it. My clients have increased, but not just the total number- the type of clients I defined that I wanted to work with (those who are motivated and ready to make changes, responsible with their appointments, prompt with their payments, and pleasant and enjoyable to work with). My creativity and productivity has soared because I'm now working the hours and providing the services I enjoy most. My income has doubled to the exact goal I set with Cookie during one of my first few coaching sessions. I no longer fear financial instability. Cookie is the perfect blend of intelligence, humor, kindness and assertiveness. She is a gifted communicator with the ability to listen patiently and respond constructively about good and bad circumstances. She motivated me to step out my box and provided me with priceless support, information, and resources. Cookie's coaching was an answered prayer that helped shape me into a confident, balanced, happy, and whole person."

- Paula Vicknair,
Owner, Alive and Well Fitness Center,

"This lady taught me that I am not powerless when I feel overwhelmed, overworked and unappreciated. She has challenged me to venture into life territories that I would never have had the courage to approach. One of which was take modeling lessons at age 53, pose and actually get paid for photo shoots. She has taught me how to delegate more effectively in my career. She is a delight."

- Callie Polozola,
Office Manager, Vinci Oral Surgery

"Working with Cookie and Success Source has been a great experience for me! Cookie has helped me to identify the core values that matter most in my life, and more importantly, how to focus on those values with every decision I make. With a fun, approachable style, Cookie has offered me guidance on both a personal and professional level as I work to maintain balance as a wife, mother and business owner."

- Stephanie A. Maxwell,
CFRE, Maxwell Consulting LLC

I was on vacation last week so I have just finished reading your Coffee with Cookie newsletter from September 15. I have to tell you that there have been some changes in my life (good ones) that are allowing me to fully pursue my dreams and work on my home based business. This message from you is so inspiring and timely. I can’t begin to tell you the power I felt welling up inside of me as I read it. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get out (once I have my children in school) and take on the world and move my business forward today. Thank you, again.

– Betty-Ann Whipp,
Unit Leader, Avon Canada, Inc.

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