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Cookie Tuminello's Fabulous New Book -
Climbing The Ladder of Success
in High Heels
Without Stepping on Your Values

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Personal Power Mini  Pack

Personal Power Mini-Pack -
Audio CD Set

If you want to refine your goals and learn what is most important to you so you can reclaim your life and personal power, you need my Personal Power Mini-Pack.

The Personal Power Mini-Pack includes two important processes, The Personal Core Values CD – a recording that helps you redefine what you want – and the “Calm Your Chaos NOW” CD – which helps you stay focused and unruffled by distractions when life becomes overwhelming.

These two recordings can be played in your car, during a meditation or reflection time, while you’re working...anywhere and anytime you want. You need these two transformative CDs to help you take back your power and become more centered and focused.

The Personal Power Mini-Pack includes:

  • MP3 download for each exercise
  • Core Values Companion Worksheet (pdf format)
  • Hard Copy CD for each process

All of this delivered right to your door for only $29.95 (plus shipping and handling)

Power and Soul

"Power and Soul" Anthology

Are you ready to discover the secrets to unlocking practically ANY business or personal challenge you’re currently facing?

Then hold on tight, because I’ve got 42 exceptional resources for you to read and learn from, all wrapped up in “Power and Soul”. Myself, along with 41 other successful entrepreneurs, have all contributed chapters in this amazing and inspiring book compiled by Alexandria Brown, the “Ezine Queen”.

You'll get to read my own story, “From Pitiful to Powerful - How A Southern Woman Went From Struggling People Pleaser To Successful Business Woman At 50” which clearly outlines that success can be yours at ANY age or ANY stage of your life.

Get it now for the introductory price of $ 19.97 (plus shipping & handling). Copies are limited so order now before this wonderful book becomes a collector’s item!

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