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Hi. I'm Cookie Tuminello, and every day I work with women and men just like you! They have a burning desire to create successful businesses and productive teams... they understand the enormous value of working closely with a successful mentor... and they are eager to master powerful tools and tactics to boost business and team success.

If that sounds like you, I want to work with you in my Team Up With Cookie Coaching Program!

  • This powerful program is for business owners and organizational leaders who want to improve interpersonal skills and performance.
  • Its for those who want to create powerful, cohesive teams.
  • Its for those who want to unlock the door to productive communication, positive relationships, and increased performance.

Working one-on-one with me, THE Team Builder of the South, will give you concrete tools and tactics to make your goals a reality, faster and more efficiently. I will show you how to:

  1. Get Clear About Your Intentions
  2. Use Core Values to Make the Right Decisions
  3. Manage Your Vision for Bigger Outcomes
  4. Build Trust and Committed Relationships
  5. Ignite Productivity

My purpose, my mission, and my inspiration is to empower teams and ignite productivity. That's why I give you everything you need for success... powerful tools and tactics plus an occasional coddle and an occasional kick in the pants.

Ill help you identify your BIG visions, make better decisions, conquer overwhelm, turn passionate ideas into successful ventures, ignite productivity, and create a more cohesive, confident, more productive team.

Are you ready to team up for success?

All of my clients experience a 360 degree turnabout when they Team Up With Cookie. I look forward to helping YOU achieve YOUR success too!

Email me at to schedule a FREE Get Acquainted Session today!

To your success!

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